A Perfect Shower.
So my gal pal sent me the pictures from the baby shower from yesterday. A great time was had by all and the pictures looked amazing! She went with a brunch theme and had a bunch of miniature food so that all the guests could try a bit of everything and they were a huge hit. She mentioned that some of the guest's favorites were these small French toast bites that are pictured above as well as small handmade quiches which was an easy way for her to provide vegetarian and non-veg selections to hit all of her guest's palates. She was super surprised how fun the "make a onesie for the new mom" station went and she said that the things that each of the women came up with were inspiring and fun. Pictured above was one that her mom made that she loved. As fun as the event ended up, she was exhausted afterwards but the new mom had so much fun, that it was completely worth it for her. As a bonus, my friend provided the recipe that she used for her French toast bites and she got her cute food picks from our partner at amazon. I will post the recipe for those interested in another post. The best part - you can make them in advance and put them in the oven at 200F to keep them warm. Right before serving, she just dusted them with powdered sugar for presentation. It was literally the easiest menu item that she made that day so that definitely sounds like my sort of recipe!