As mentioned in my previous post, a team member of mine is planning a baby shower for her good friend and it is approaching quickly.  Her brain has been stuck on all sorts of ideas for the shower and sometimes Pinterest can be a lifesaver (as much as a nightmare)! Exhibit A: giveaways. I personally love giving live plants because they last and grow and, in my opinion, is much less wasteful then flowers no matter how beautiful they are.  I think that the succulents she ended up turned out adorable. The only challenge left for her (she has a perpetual black thumb - no joke!) is keeping them alive until Sunday! Exhibit B: a make your own onesies station. I've seen this a ton of times at all the baby showers that I have attended and I love this activity because people can be creative and the baby mama can also take them home with her. I also know that she will be running around the day of the shower making sure everything is flowing and everyone is happy so she wanted to make hers beforehand. It’s also a nifty way to show guests different ways to create their own and make them really special. I saw the that she made based on her Pinterest search and I absolutely loved it! I mean...can she make me one???  Next debate she is having is whether or not to make a full cake or mini cakes or maybe even a bundt cake... It’s a brunch sort of event and normally I’m a cupcake girl but I’m kind of digging the whole bundt cake idea. I'm sure that she will work it out but she definitely wants to use a crate to elevate it on a dessert table. She says that it adds interest and height and just makes the whole dessert display pop.  I can't wait to see what she comes up with and I have tasked her to keep taking photos so that I can brag out it here!