Celebrate the Moments!
So one of the gals that works with me was an event planner in her pre-Corona life and you know what they say...once an event planner, always an event planner! This means that she absolutely loves throwing a good party and sees everything as possible party props and serving utensils. With our current products, she is like a treasure trove for me to re-think and re-imagine all the ways that they can be used for any event that I am throwing. She's currently in the process of helping to throw a baby shower for one of her really dear friends (Rona babies is a real thing guys!).

She had a great idea during this new Corona-era.  She had ordered a sewing machine (her hobby addiction is strong). While she had never sewed a thing in her life, she saw all these incredible people sewing masks for our intrepid healthcare warriors and she wanted to do her part.  Well, based on her rantings, it seems as if it is not easy.  Apparently even getting the thread through the machine is a task!  Every time I talk to her, she is literally spending all her time mastering the basics.  She finally was able to make a decent mask and had this idea to make some as favors for the baby shower.  How ingenious is that?  It also has the double benefit of having masks available for those women attending that would feel more comfortable within a small crowd. Aren't they cute guys?

Using our small crates for a centerpiece was a no-brainer.  She loves to bake so using them for a cake/cupcake/mini dessert/mini food holder is her favorite thing to do...our different sized crates had absolutely no chance not being used! Celebrating with a good party is just what all our souls need right now and what better way than to celebrate a new life coming into this world. So while 2020 is not off to the best of starts, I am still, as always, hopeful for the future.