DIY All Day Long!
I love DIY projects! Especially if I can be the brainchild behind the idea (i.e. find DIY tutorials online) and provide all the tools and inspiration for someone (i.e. husband) to make it. Now don't get me wrong...I am as handy as the next person but doesn't mean that I love that part of it. In the garden? Absolutely. In the house? Maybe not so much. The internet is a glorious thing - so many DIY'er's out there and while surfing the web, I ran across so many cute ideas that could apply to some of our products. In particular, our main product line, our crates. The amount of DIY projects using these versatile items is unbelievable. One that I ran across I particularly liked. Especially since he created a step by step way to make it online. The picture above is his creations - the cutest coffee table compiled with large crates.

Check out how he did it (link below!).  With just a few simple tools and some inexpensive parts, I think just about anyone at any skill level building things could put this together. The fact that it has wheels is a bonus plus all the different compartments makes this both functional as well as decorative. Now how do I slip these plans to my husband without any backlash? Maybe I will wait a bit!

Photo Credit:  Instructibles
Crates:  Amazon or Lowes