Father’s Day: Success!
How was everyone’s Father’s Day yesterday?  I celebrated with the special guy in my life...in this home, we like celebrating each other when we can. On a pretty day, that means a manly cookout in our gorgeous backyard. It always amuses me when I literally put everything together and he turns on the grill and throws some burgers on. However, I guess it’s all about perspective...he thinks he was A) in charge and B) the mastermind behind the success of the night. Luckily he is cute and I let him shine (but secretly I know that I’m the work horse and the brain in this relationship!).

Yet again, our cutting board/prep center saved the day so that I could load up in the kitchen and bring everything in one go to the grill for toppings. Not only are these boards beautiful but they are versatile and lightweight for carrying around. The hardest part was taking some photos while holding back the big guy from diving into the burgers. My favorite side dish rounded out the yummy meal....blistered shishito peppers with a squeeze of lime right off the grill. Yum!