Home Schooling
Many of ya'll are homeschooling these days and or doing a combo of homeschooling along with in school learning. Either way, while at home, finding the space to set up a "school" learning center for your kids can definitely be a challenge. If you don't have an office in your home already or perhaps it's already in use as you and/or your spouse now work from home when you once didn't, you are already struggling to find some space that would be conducive for learning. I am already doing this so I thought I would share on the blog in case anyone else is looking for ideas. I am using our large chalkboard crates as double duty as portable "work" stations. You could easily do this for the kids or if you have sacrificed your home office to them and find yourself moving from coffee table to dining table, then this is super helpful! Create your own little "go-to" box of office supplies or things that you are working on that is super portable. With our chalkboard sides, you can easily put names on them so that there are no mix ups! Just one more way that these handy crates can create some organization and flexibility!