Last days of summer
We are quickly shooting into Fall and I for one can't wait. This year has been challenging (to say the least!) and I am ready for a fresh new year. One of the things that I will miss is all the fresh flowers that summer brings. Having said that, I am more than ready for some cooler weather and the leaves changing colors. Plus all the pumpkin flavors to come back into my life! I am very excited about some of the things that we have been developing, particularly for smaller, tighter spaces. We are getting very close to rolling out some of our new products and I think they will be well received. As I sit out on my patio and just take in the last of the warm weather and reflect on all the things that 2020 brought, I am filled with hope. Even though it has been challenging, some great things have also developed. The extra time that we got to spend as a family for one. The ways that the world has united when faced with a pandemic or when faced with injustice is another. So while there have been times when we all just wanted to pull the covers over our heads, looking towards the future and digging our heels in to adapt to new circumstances is what makes us all hope for a better future. I, for one, am hopeful and excited to see what that brings! Stay safe and well and let's all care about each other.