Mix and Match!
While in quarantine, if even a small percentage is like me, lots of people are cleaning and organizing their homes. The place to start for me would be the kitchen as I am using it waaaaay more than I ever have. I like to surround myself with my favorite things in the kitchen that I use every day. I like for them to be very accessible so that I don't have to pull them all out again and again for every meal that I cook. To me, that includes my cutting boards and my measuring spoons/cups as well as my go-to spices and oils that I use most frequently. A great way to keep these things out but looking neat and decorative in the kitchen is to mix and match some of our products. Our large crates are perfect for holding cutting boards if you are like me and have a substantial amount of them. I put all my essential cooking "tools" in one our trays that I keep by the stove so that it's in easy reach.

Mixing and matching things is fun and many of our products come in a variety of colors that you can coordinate with your space.  I also love using the crates in my pantry where I can keep my vegetables and fruits so that I can easily see them.  We are also a big oatmeal family - so one of my favorite ways to use one of our crates is to create an "oatmeal center" - everything all in one place that I can easily pull down from my pantry and have all my stuff together.  Cuts the preparation time in half!  I do the same thing with a baking crate.  People who rather bake from a box would think differently if they only knew that the time consuming part of baking something from scratch is getting all the ingredients out!  My baking box includes my flours, sugars, baking powder/soda, vanilla extract, chocolate/chips, etc... When you are ready to make something like homemade pancakes or chocolate cookies, it's a breeze!  There are so many ways to utilize them and the different sizes make them so convenient!  What customized crate would you make for your pantry??