Organization Movement
You guys! This new show came out on Netflix and if you are like me during this time of pandemic, I have been watching way more TV than usual. I completely binged on this show called, Get Organized with The Home Edit! Have you seen it yet? It is so addicting and makes me feel like doing more projects around the house. Purchasing their book is on my to-do list because there is just something calming and centering about watching them completely transform a room and bring organization into it. When the world seem out of our control, it's amazing to be able to control one aspect of your life and that is your home. Their show and their company is so inspiring and I want to bring a bit of their magic into our products.

I love this one blog (the picture above is from their site) and they have some of the most creative DIY projects. I saw this picture on their site and it reminded me so much of the show. The team behind the blog are Elsie and Emma and they have also written a few books. The picture above is one of theirs that I think was featured on their book. Their use of crates was phenomenal and I can't wait to try something similar in my own home. How many of you have a space that could use some zoning (that is the term that The Home Edit uses on their show)...where things are organized into categories. Setting up a wall of our crates that are all labeled to zone out all the things that we want to keep organized and separate just brings happiness to my soul. I can totally see this happening either in our garage where the tools and supplies and backstock that we keep there is out of control or even in a craft room so that I can see exactly where everything is when I need it instead of digging things out and creating a bigger mess everything I want to work on something specific. By using crates as well, you an add it to a wall as a decorative piece to the room...effectively hiding everything in plain site. It is so genius. Check out their blog for more ideas if you get the chance (links below). And get your crates today at today so you can get started on your next project!

Picture credit: A Beautiful Mess
Crates: Amazon or Lowes