We have Peppers!
Don't you love gardening?? There is just something about growing something with your own hands and actually seeing the fruits of your labor. Many of our products can be used in gardens because it is a passion of mine. Everyone should have a thing or place that they hold onto in stressful times and the garden is my sanctuary especially now with everything that is happening.

I'm excited that our new product line of garden stakes is now out. I wasted very little time using them in my own gardens! Look at these peppers! Aren't they gorgeous?? Still growing but I can't wait to incorporate all the vegetables that I have growing in the garden into my meals. As we limit our forays out into public areas like the grocery stores, it's rewarding to know that you can produce your own produce right here at home. As an added bonus, you know exactly what you are eating and how your food was grown. I hope to share this passion with my own kids and can't wait to feed them food that I grew myself so that they can appreciate the art of it. Once our farmer's markets are open again in full force and it is safe to do so, I would love to take them there so that they can fully appreciate the love and care that goes into growing fresh local food. Look for our garden stakes at lowes.com or by going to this link!