work from home warriors

work from home warriors

For all of you work from home warriors out there! We feel your pain. While some of you longed to be able to work from home more often in your normal lives, the reality of a long term plan for actually working from home (ESPECIALLY while your kids are doing the same for school!) is not the stuff of dreams. More like a nightmare on the best of days! Suddenly you miss the comfort of leaving your home and going into an office where things suddenly make sense. How do you create an office-like atmosphere in the midst of chaos? In our household, being organized is the only way we can all function within the same space.

So with some ingenuity and sheer desperation, we offer the perfect product for a work from home solution! Our wooden crate rolling files are a lifesaver. For those with limited space, this is the ideal way to keep all your work organized and readily available and mobile to whatever space you are able to carve out for the day's work. Set on caster wheels, it moves with you. It's also attractive enough to be out and about in the open when not being used. It really offers great storage solutions for any space whether it is work files or supplies or even just hiding toys to set up an "entertainment" center for the little ones so that you can get some work done!

Get yours today! Still available at Lowes!
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Halloween Spirits

Halloween Spirits

I hope that everyone had a safe and happy Halloween this weekend! We had a great time with family and the things that I saw neighbors do to keep things safe and fun for their little ones was amazing and wonderful to see. Just brings home the fact that we are very adaptive to change and while this year has not been the best that we've seen, we will do what we can do to adapt to our environments. So much is happening in our country currently that it sometimes feel overwhelming. But at the heart of things, friends and family and being a good citizen of the world is what is going to get us through this challenge that we are faced with.

Within that spirit, I wanted to share this great holiday cocktail which was a big hit for Halloween but would work just as well during the Thanksgiving holiday! We had the fire going and had a drink station set up for these and our guests really enjoyed them. Also, any opportunity to use our cutting board with 2 ramekin holders! It was the perfect set up to having everything in one place to rim the glasses and garnish the drinks. It was also pretty enough to have out on display!


For the Rim -
4 gingersnap cookies, crushed
1 tsp honey

For the Drink -
1 oz good quality vodka
1 oz Kahlua
1 oz pumpkin spice cream
1 oz heavy cream

Garnish -
cinnamon stick or straw
dash of pumpkin spice

1. Place crumbled cookies in a small ramekin. Place honey in another. Run the rims of the glasses in the honey and then dip in the cooke crumbs to coat.
2. Put ice into the rimmed glass. Add in the Kahlua and vodka.
3. Add the pumpkin creamer and heavy cream.
4. Sprinkle some pumpkin spice on top and serve with a straw or a cinnamon stick so that guests can stir up their drinks.

This could even be an after dinner drink as it is very dessert like although I found that once people started drinking these, it was hard to stop!


Also, if you are interested in getting one of our cutting boards, check them out on Amazon at the following link!
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