candle lights
Following up on my previous post of my love of Halloween, part two of setting the scene to get everyone in the mood for a spooky evening is lighting!  You can't go wrong with candlelight. One of my favorite products that we make is our candle holder made from reclaimed wine barrels. I use this everywhere - a bath, on the patio, on window sills...pretty much anywhere that you need mood lighting. In this case, it's perfect for creating a fun coffee table centerpiece for a small Halloween gathering. With 5 non-scented votives, it creates enough light to make an impact and if you have appetizers set out on the table, it doesn't distract from the yummy smells. Many of us also have faux fireplaces that are a decorative touch but don't actually hold fires or even have wood burning ones in which you don't actually want to light because it's not cold enough. This candle holder is long enough to fill the cavity of the fireplace and perfectly fill the space. Once lit, it gives off enough light to make the fireplace come alive. In my case, we have a gas fireplace so by putting the candle holder on the coffee table, it just creates more lighting throughout the space. As you can see in the photo, I also utilized our medium crate in my favorite color for this holiday to elevate the centerpiece and really showcase the candle holder. I really just love products that you can use for any occasion and for so many things!

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