instant mood boost
There are a few things that can boost my mood these days instantly. My healthy and happy family and friends of course and my garden. There's just something about fresh life growing that reaches into my soul and makes it sing. There isn't anything happier than fresh flowers. You can instantly transform a space with nature's beauty with all its vibrant colors. I automatically knew that as soon as we decided to create crates for our line that they would house many, many plants and flowers in my home. I am super fortunate to live in a place that affords a large home with more than ample yard space but we wanted to develop a product that could suit all needs. So if you are living in a smaller city space or an apartment, we have crates that come in all different sizes.

This photo was given to us by one of our customers and they absolutely love using our smallest crate for fresh flowers inside of their small home on their windowsills. How cute and cheery is that? Whether it's in a balcony or a small patio, these crates can be used to elevate and or used to beautifully frame a fresh bunch of flowers. I don't know about you, but nothing lifts my mood like seeing fresh, blooming flowers in the space where I live. We love hearing from our customers so please share with us how you like utilizing your crates and tag us on Instagram at @athome_onmain.

Happy Monday!