lemons make lemonade
We love looking for new ways to utilize our crates! Special events are always a fun way to set them up but even for small gatherings at home, you can certainly make them work for you. When I have a few friends coming over on a hot summer day and we are planning to lounge outside by the pool, instead of going inside each time to get a refreshing drink, I love to set up a little beverage stand. It's convenient and cute and just looks super refreshing. One of my favorite drinks for when it's super hot outside is a refreshing and light lemonade. Isn't that par for the course right now...?! When the universe hands you a bunch of lemons, make lemonade ya'll. Or if you are feeling super frisky and you haven't seen your girlfriends in ages, then make a skinny margaritas!

How cute does this set-up look? What would be your drink of choice?