quarantine cocktails
Happy hump day! This morning I decided that I need some cocktails for a successful week so far! I have my bar cart of goodies and some fresh jalapeños from my garden that I am itching to use. What better treat today than a skinny pineapple vodka cocktail?? If you haven't tried some spicy, sweet cocktails before, this is the time. I love the combination and since most jalapeños are not super spicy (especially if you remove the seeds and membrane), it is perfect for me. I don't like to burn up my tastebuds but just a hint of spice balanced with the sweet tartness of pineapple, makes this the perfect summer sipper. You do have to infuse the vodka in advance so takes a bit of planning. I never really think about having cocktails until that day so you can do like I do and infuse the vodka in the morning for evening cocktails or if you are having a get together, you would want to infuse a big batch of it the night before to get the most flavor.

Doesn't the bar cart look cute? I love using our crates to keep everything nice and tidy and also it's easy to pull out to the kitchen island to mix up drinks and return everything in it's place. Handy and functional! Check out all of our colors - you can compliment your kitchen/bar cart to match your decor style!

Spicy Pineapple Cocktail

1 cup vodka
1 jalapeño, seeds removed and sliced
2 tablespoons pineapple juice
6 ounces sparkling water
Squeeze of fresh lime

1. Infuse the vodka by adding it with the jalapeño into a glass jar. Ideally let it sit overnight to get the most flavor. If you can’t wait like me, just infuse it in the morning for evening cocktails.
2. For the cocktail, combine one shot of the jalapeño infused vodka (1.5 ounces) with the pineapple juice and the sparkling water. Add a squeeze of lime.
3. Add ice, a pineapple wedge and a  jalapeño slice for garnish.