reset. renew. repeat often.
So one of the things that I need to remind myself of (especially while the world seems not under our control), is to take moments for yourself to reset itself. I mean from the soul. We often feel like we have to be the ones to hold everything together and be the strong ones for the family. It all starts with being strong for yourself first. My favorite escape is taking a soothing bath and just letting things go for a little while. Just concentrating on quieting the mind and refocusing on myself. It sounds amazing because it is but it's also not easy carving out the time to do it. Life does get in the way and we tend to re-prioritize ourselves last.

I like having a bath tray made up of goodness to remind me that it's important to take these moments every once in awhile. I used to go and get manicures and pedicures often and used that time to slow my world down for the moments that I let someone else take care of me. With the quarantine, that hasn't been the best option so these days, I create my own spa. What is your favorite method to de-stress lately?