tight spaces
Are you a passionate gardener but don't have the outdoor space that you wish that you did? We hear this a lot. In fact, many retailers are responding to this and creating and selling some creative planters specifically for those that live in city spaces that have small outdoor spaces. Why compromise your love of flowers and gardening when you don't have to? I personally live in a suburban home with tons of outdoor space but I can imagine the excitement of living in a big city in a downtown space where everything is in walking distance and you are surrounding by restaurants, bars and coffee shops. How fun would that be??

Well get excited because At Home on Main is developing new products even as I am blogging today. The picture above is just one of them! How amazing is the planter above? Building up is a great way to maximize space and add color to your balcony or patio. This planter is super versatile as well...we have used this to store vegetables in our kitchens like garlic, onions and potatoes as well as fruits like lemons and limes. What a great way to get those items off of your countertops/islands! We have even used this in playrooms to hold all those stuffed animals and small toys. It is a great addition to the At Home on Main's product line where we like to create products that can be used in multiple ways! What would you fill yours with? Keep checking back to find out when this planter goes live with our various retail partners to get yours!